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Family Learning Week: 18-24 June 2016

If you've never had the chance to learn together as a family then look out for opportunities to take part in our Innovation and Design workshops from18-24 June 2016. You can do it and you never know it might be fun!

One Hour a Day for Learning: 5-9 September 2016

If you think you don't have time to fit in any new learning then think again, One hour is all it takes and you can start any time any where, join us just One Hour a Day and change your life today.

Adult Learners' Week: 23-29 May 2016

From 23-29 May 2016 learners and providers across Scotland are working with us to celebrate, highlight and promote learning opportunities available in every part of the country.

Adult Learning Week 19-25 November 2016

It seems that we have added a new celebration to our calendar this year. After a great joint week locally last year with Book Week Scotland-we're working with providers to deliver more locally and get new people involved.

Join Us and Make a Difference

Are you able to give up some of your spare time for a good cause? Do you believe that learning can change lives? Want to make a meaningful contribution to Scottish life? Then get in touch to find out more.
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The national learners' forum brings together learners from across Scotland to work together for the benefit of adult learning.
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Our Learning Providers are highly skilled professionals who coordinate and deliver community based adult and family learning programmes.
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Choices and Voices 20 April 2016: Learners' Fun Day
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