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Working with learners is central to the work of the organisation-and learners are involved at a number of levels in the planning and development of our work. Participating in advisory groups, campaign groups and the learners’ forum, many of the learners we work with want to give something back.


Heard of Adult Learners' Week, Family Learning Week and One Hour a Day for Learning? If not then we want to chat to you this year and show you just how much fun it is to keep learning. From learning how to cook, paint, write or gain a qualification there's always something to get your teeth into. We're also always on the look out for great volunteers who can run local courses so if you have some time and skills you'd like to share then please get in touch and we'll get you linked up with something in your own community, nearby or even nationally.
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#Adult Learners Matter Programme Runs Monthly January-December 2021
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Our 3Rs learning centre is a sharing resource for learners and providers.
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