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Family Learning Week: 29 November-5 December 2021

Make Family Learning the new date in your social calendar. Why not try out some new crafts, science, reading & book club activities, listening to podcasts, making films-there's something in here for everyone. Just give us a call if you're interested in taking part.

One Hour a Day for Learning: 8 November - 14 November 2021

One Hour a Day-you know you can! Join us in trying one of the new ideas we have around in your community and just wait to see what we have in store!

Adult Learners' Week: 20-26 September 2021

Learners and providers across Scotland are working with us to celebrate, highlight and promote learning opportunities available in every part of the country.

Adult Learners' Matters

Since 2004 adult learners have been telling us that Adult Learning Matters to them-now it's time to turn it on its head and talk about how Adult Learners' Matter. Join us for one of our conversations this year about how adult learners matter to you.

Make It Your Time to Shine

Are you able to give up some of your spare time for a good cause? Do you believe that learning can change lives? Want to make a meaningful contribution to Scottish life? Then get in touch to find out more.
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